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DIG (USA) LEIT series Ambient Light (Solar) Irrigation Controller

LEIT Technology



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Light Energized (Solar) Irrigation Technology (LEIT)

The LEIT technology has been developed and refined over the last 18 years. Powered only by ambient light, LEIT Controllers time tested photovoltaic module harnesses the energy of ambient light to generate and store electricity to power the controller day and night, anytime, anyplace! The LEIT irrigaiton controller provides irrigation solutions to situations where 4 - 28-stations configuration are needed and AC power is an issue.

The Independent, Preferred Power Irrigation Solution

The LEIT Control System is a programmable, self contained, water management and control system. It can be programmed to control up to 28 electrically operated solenoid valves, spanning an area of over one mile with up to 12 independent water schedules per valve. The LEIT controllers can be installed in any location.

How much light is needed?

The unit only requires daily exposure to 25% of ambient light levels no higher than 55 degrees latitude under 10-year worse case weather conditions.

LEIT is unique to all other water management and control systems because of its ability to generate power at very low light levels, storing this energy in long life non-battery based Supercapacitors. This allows the system to operate in all weather conditions and in heavy overgrowth, 7 days a week, 24 hours per day.

Combine the advanced programming capability of LEIT controllers with the advantages of ambient power and it is obvious why LEIT is the top choice for today's irrigation needs.


  • Operates 4, 6 or 8 stations and a master valve or pump start without AC power hookup, batteries or conventional solar panels (master valve or pump start replace station 8 when required)

  • Bilingual software in English or Spanish

  • Controller functions and operations are 100% tested

  • Controller water proofing is 100% tested

  • Built to the highest quality control standard (ISO 9002)

  • Non-volatile memory holds programs indefinitely without batteries

  • Functions day or night in any weather and most outdoor locations

  • All power is provided by an internal, ultrahigh efficiency photovoltaic module and microelectronic energy management system fueled by ambient light. Requires daily exposure to light levels no higher than the equivalent of 25% of the ambient light level at 55 degrees latitude under 10-year worst case weather conditions. No direct sunlight is required

  • Assign rain, moisture or freeze sensors to an individual valve or to the entire system using SKIT 8821-4 connector

  • Manual watering by station or program

  • Liquid crystal display is easy to read under almost any lighting conditions

  • Programming is easy using a self-guiding menu and four durable sealed buttons

  • Lightning protection; the controller is fully isolated from electrical ground, offering virtual immunity to ground currents from overhead power-lines and/or close proximity lightning strike

  • Simple to install easy-access wire connector accommodates standard irrigation wire up to 12 gauge

  • Series 4000 controller fitted with a wiring connector strip that can handle a maximum of 8 station hot wires and 2 stations of common wires.

  • Environmentally friendly uses clean power

LEIT Control Systems



LEIT 4000

LEIT Series Accessories

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