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Root Barrier

Save roads and buildings from tree and plant root damage

Nylex Root Barrier
* Nylex Root Barrier is manufactured using RECYCLED HDPE.

Problem: Trees and large shrubs require substantial amounts of water, and the root systems will naturally extend and grow in the direction of soil moisture. Migration of tree and plant roots can cause costly damage to foundations of roadways, pavements, walls and buildings.

You can stop the roots with a wall of concrete, but that's unwieldy and very expensive.

Solution: The best answer to the problem is Nylex Root Barrier.

Nylex Root Barrier is used to prevent tree roots from damaging pavements, roads, building foundations, buried water pipes, sewers and cables.

It is light but very tough, and easy to install with a narrow-width excavator, yet provides an effective barrier against roots - and burrowing animals.

The special dimple profile gives additional resistance against possible upward thrust generated by deflected roots. Root Barrier is also very economical when compared to available alternatives. Ask for a comparision on your next job - you'll be surprised!

Nylex Root Barrier Specification Installing Nylex Root Barrier Planting of trees after Nylex Root Barrier installed

Root Barrier for Hong Kong

Shek O Golf & Country Club Nylex Root Barrier for Ma Wan Park Island Residential Development Nylex Root Barrier for Housing Authority - Yau Tong Re-development Project
Shek O Golf & Country Club
Park Island Residential Project

Housing Authority - Yau Tong

root_barrier_shek_o_golf Root Barrier for Ma Wan Residential Development Root Barrier for Yau Tong Redevelopment Project
Nylex Root Barrier for Shek O Golf
Nylex Root Barrier for Ma Wan
Nylex Root Barrier for Yau Tong Redevelopment project

Prestige Clients / Consultants Using Nylex Root Barrier:

  • Hong Kong Housing Authority, HKSAR
  • Hong Kong Disneyland
  • MTRC
  • KCRC
  • PCCW - Cyberport
  • The Shek O Country Club
  • Belt Collins H.K. Ltd
  • Ho Biu Kee Construction Engineering Co., Ltd
  • Kuen Cheong Construction Engineering Co.
  • Yee Sun Garden Ltd
  • Honest (C.K.) Ltd
  • Hong Chui Landscape Co., Ltd
  • Hung Wan Construction Co., Ltd
  • Ng Chiu Construction Co., Ltd
  • Pegasus Greenland Ltd
  • Toyo Greenland Co., Ltd

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